Monday, May 31, 2010

Calling all LEGO fans!

For all LEGO fans out there! The inaugural LEGO Collector's Exhibition will be on at 1 Utama (New Wing). Lego enthusiasts from Bricksmal will be exhibiting their collections and MOC (my own creations).

 is also organizing a lucky draw and creative blog write up contest.  So, if you've been itching to buy Lego, now's the BEST time!

Remember to sign up as a member of Brick Bastion and you will automatically enjoy 10% discount off ALL items. On top of that you will earn points with each order. Oh, don't worry about shipping cos it's free for orders above RM250! The best part is, you will get 1 lucky draw entry for each RM50 you spend.

Do hop on over to check out their new arrivals - Lego Toy Story 3 Sets! Grabbed one set for Evan already..... and he's promised not to open it until his 5th birthday...hmmm....we shall see....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

HK Disneyland Park TOP TEN

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Ok - this is the last post about HK Disneyland.... I am sure all of you had enough!
Top 10 experiences at HK Disneyland Park! In random order!

1) Mickey Ears
Get your own Mickey Ears or Mickey Hat or Mickey Cap and wear it at the park!
I bought 2 hats for the kids. Free custom embroidery. They wore it to Chef Mickey for buffet breakfast.

2) Stitch Encounter
This was at Tomorrowland. We went for the English show and it was a great experience having Stitch 'talk' and interact with selected people from the audience. Entertaining and funny!

3) Festival of the Lion King 
Do not ever miss this! A live musical of the retelling of Simba's story. It was indeed a breath-taking performance by a super talented cast. Too bad we managed to watch this only once.

4) Royal Banquet Hall
Very beautiful eatery located in Fantasyland. Serves Mickey Pizza and other yummy foods in an enchanting fairy-tale setting. Loved the stain glass windows! We were there for lunch and this is where Mickey Pizza is served.

5) Balloon Twister
His territory is Fantasyland. Queue up and choose your balloons! He can twist Mickey Ears, Pooh Bear, Buzz Lightyear gun and more!

6) It's a Small World
Take a nice relaxing journey on a rowboat in It's A Small World. We did this 3 times! For the first two rides we took photos of all the dolls and for the last ride, we just relaxed and took in all the sights and sounds. After the ride, watch out for the clock chime : like a cuckoo clock, a door would open and dolls will dance around. Remember to visit the Ice Cream parlour too for yummylicious ice cream cones or ice cream pancakes.

7) Watch the Parade
Bought Evan popcorn to snack on while waiting for the parade to start. 

8) Face Painting
Available at Fantasyland for HKD$80 (Evan got a complimentary face painting voucher).  Everyone STARED at him and he didn't like it after awhile. After a few rides in Fanstasyland, Larry brought him to the toilet and washed the face paint away. I thought he was such a handsome little version of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Need I say more? 7:30pm nightly - don't miss it!

10) Merlin the Magician
Watched his performance right in front of Cinderella's Carousel. Highly entertaining! There isn't a fixed time for the performance so keep your eyes and ears open to spot Merlin. Evan tried pulling out Excalibur with all his might.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Vs Evil

Evan has been doodling and drawing......superheroes e.g. Larry Boy, Spiderman, etc. His all time favourites.... not toy cars, not trucks, not football..... but superheroes & villains (good vs evil)

He draws and colours his superheroes' & villains' portraits and then cellotapes them to the bedroom doors. This is what is currently on his bedroom door.


Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

He likes to show off his drawings to everyone - even the kakak who comes to clean the house!

He's still very much into reading his manga bibles and has a renewed interest in watching Veggie Tales. He likes the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything from the movie Jonah & also the story of Josh & The Big Wall.  

We are teaching him that Jesus is even more powerful than all the superheroes combined because He can perform miracles. And.... GOOD will always triumph over EVIL...... GOD will punish those who do wrong things. 

Oh... if you are fan of Toy Story 3 (like me ;P), do take note that Metrojaya is organizing a Toy Story 3 fair from 9-20 June 2010. Evan will be most delighted to hear that his favourite Toy Story characters Woody & Buzz are making their appearances during the school break!

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A belated birthday post

Just a simple dinner at Pizza Hut for my birthday which was on 13th May. This was at the Megamall outlet. Wanted to try their latest Fish King Pizza.

On my birthday, I also started taking Herbalife shakes as meal replacements to lose weight. It's been 2 weeks now and I am pleased to see some results! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potty Training 101

Marissa is close to 2 now..... time to start some potty training 101 classes!
The first lesson was mainly theoretical. 
"Marissa, where do you go shee shee?"
"When you want to poo poo, where do you go?"

Next comes the practical sessions. Marissa has to practice sitting on the throne. This particular one was inherited from her brother. It features Elmo on it and Marissa has no qualms sitting on the potty but not for long unless she's reading a book.

Ok, now comes the hard part, actually depositing poo poo or shee shee inside the potty. Hmmmm.... usually it's a bit too late as whenever she alerts me by saying poo poo.... the deed has already been done in the diapers. Guess she needs some more time before she can go diaper free! In the mean time, I am contemplating to buy cute panties for her from Gymboree.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing 2 new blogs

I started compiling a directory of dental clinics in Malaysia since 2 months ago and now there are over 50 dental clinics listed in the directory. As we all know, the internet has become an increasingly powerful and useful tool in our daily lives. Patients are also more educated and tech-savvy. A large number of them rely on the internet to survey or get information on dental clinics. Patients from overseas would usually surf the net as well to get info on dental clinics to visit when they travel to Malaysia for their holiday.

This is Sim & Hooi Dental Centre's blog which I hope to update frequently with articles on oral health, happenings at the clinic and dental tips.

I've got one more blog coming up - secret for now...... hehehehh... nothing to do with dentistry.... stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disney on Parade

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Another highlight at Hong Kong Disneyland Park is the daily parade which starts at 3:30pm.  We watched the parade twice. On one of the days we skipped it to go on the rides and it was such a breeze cos there wasn't a queue as most people were busy taking photos of the parade. It was shorter compared to the one at Eurodisney but enjoyable nonetheless




Balloons, snacks and popcorn vendor - selling their wares just before the start of the parade. Brisk sales I would say. Good thing Evan and Marissa didn't ask for any of the balloons though I would say they were quite nice. There was one type of balloon that had a switch to light it up and the colors will glow and change.




 Watch out! The flowers squirt water!



Best to take photos standing up instead of sitting down. Get ready 15 minutes before the start of the parade - go scout for a shady place to sit down and wait. Best place is at the front of the Corner Cafe on Main Street USA.

The are special parades during Halloween, Christmas & Chinese New Year.