Sunday, February 22, 2009


Evan has been bringing back homework in his 'homework pouch' from school. Initially it was tough getting him to finish his homework. He couldnt grip his pencil well and was very slow in writing. That really made me lose my cool.
Now it's much easier to get him to finish his homework. Most importantly he enjoys what he is doing and is not forced into it.

We bought a Kumon workpad for Evan some time back : Let's Color for ages 2+. The workpad was very easy to use and made coloring so interesting and fun. After he completed the workpad we decided to buy more at the recent MPH sale where members receive 20% off.
So now he's into More Let's Color, Let's Fold, Let's Cut, Let's Sticker & Paste and Tracing. He enjoys doing the fun activities and it helps him practice his coloring, writing, folding & cutting skills. Hopefully this will help him in his homework at home and at school....

Talking about school..... Teacher Esther has been reporting to me that Evan is very playful in school (am not surprised!). The other day his schoolbag was confiscated for a day because he used it swing around and bumped into his schoolmates. He was upset and kept on asking for his ladybug bag. The next day he apologised to his teacher and got the bag back. Soon after that he forgot that he was not supposed to play around with his bag and had to be reminded again not to repeat the offence.
I hope he doesnt stress out his teachers in school too much! We at home are also having a tough time repeating things again and again..... cos only after MUCH repeating he will eventually remember....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marissa is 8 months!

Marissa is now 8 months old. My mom and I brought her for her 2nd pneumococcal jab. This time she wasn't feverish after the vaccination. She's now weighing in at 7.5kg.....still quite petite I must say cos she can still fit into her Gymboree 3-6months clothes! Well the label did say up till 7.5kg....

In these photos she's playing with Joy-Anne who's 5 months older. Marissa can sit up and pull herself up to stand. She's also starting to cruise. She babbles a lot : dadada mamama mummmum. She is very vocal when she is not happy. She loves trying new foods unlike her brother who is super fussy (and still is).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Bento for Hubby

Finally packed my first Bento lunchbox for Larry & myself. I only photographed Larry's lunchbox. It's a 2-tier Japanese lunchbox with sakura on its cover. A matching sakura lunchbox belt/strap is used to keep the lunchbox in place.

What's inside? Heart-shaped rice, heart-shaped egg, sauteed mushrooms in 2 heart-shaped silicon side dish cups, half a sausage (the other half is in my lunchbox) with 'bone' food picks, Disney baran/food dividers mainly for decor...., cucumber & salad greens. There's also a sauce bottle filled with soya sauce & half a packet of furikake rice seasoning.

Overall Larry enjoyed his lunch but felt that i had packed too little rice for him. I enjoyed my lunch too. Hope to do more of this in future!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bento Mania

Pic above shows some of my bento loot. The items were purchased from the following places :
1) Daiso (the Japanese RM5 store at the Curve)
2) New Stylish Tokyo (Online store selling Japanese stuff based in Malaysia)
3) Chooi Peng (MMB member selling bento stuff online - store/blog)
4) Michelle Sau (MMB member selling on ebay Malaysia)
5) Kinokuniya KLCC - Books
6) Acmamall - Book
7) Isetan grocery store
8) 100 yuan shop SS2

Haven't made any bento yet.... still busy 'studying' the bento books and collecting the bento gear/accessories. Hopefully will be able to prepare simple bento lunch for hubby to bring to work! and also to entice Evan to eat a variety of foods. Toying with the idea of bringing in wholesale bento lunchboxes from Hong Kong...... already gonna be ordering wholesale nursing lingerie from Fabulous Mom.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ox-picious New Year

We went back to Segamat for Chinese Niu Year on the first day itself and we were there until the 6th day. It's the longest trip ever for us for CNY. It was good that we could get the leave approved. Here Evan is photographed beside Kung Kung's fish aquarium.

Took this photo on the 1st day when I gave out the angpows to Marissa & Evan. Little Marissa was down with runny nose..... plus she also had the eye infection that plagued Evan last week. We brought her to Medicare again and was prescribed the same meds that Evan took....(well by the same doc who saw all of us.....).
While back in Segamat, we brought Marissa to see my physician friend : Dr Ling Kay Kwong (Klinik Medic & Surgeri) when she seemed to have a recurrent eye infection and her cough/cold meds ran out. Kay Kwong prescribed a different meds for her cold (which worked much better) and also some antibacterial eyedrops. He absolutely didn't recommend any antibiotics at all..... citing that too frequent use of it during infancy may lead to childhood asthma. Plus he also said that parents should not to be over-zealous in cleaning and disinfecting baby's stuff - some 'dirt' is good for them!

Evan was dressed in a cowboy shirt, cowboy hat and brown pant - all from Gymboree.