Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food & Friendship

Marissa posing with my 2 ex-bridesmaids

Makan-makan at Marche Movenpick with Sock Hooi, Siok Keim & Haw Yeng on Raya 1st day. Sock Hooi came down from Penang for a short visit during the long weekend.

Evan & Marissa at the Gardens, Mid Valley on Raya 1st day. We went to Chinoz for dinner. I absolutely love the local dishes available there eg chicken rice, nyonya rice etc. The pizzas are sumptous too. Unfortunately our attempt to feed Evan pizza didnt turn out well - he nibbled a bit and decided that was it.

Matching skeleton Halloween pajamas from Gymboree

Evan will wear this for the Halloween Party cum Gymbo's Birthday Celebration next month. The bones on the pajamas glow in the dark! We went to Pavillion KL on Raya 2nd day and ate at the food court there. Excellent selection of food stalls. Parking was super pricey though and the food is only so-so.

On Raya 3rd day,  had lunch at Marco's Pizza. This time Evan ate about 2 slices of Pizza and fed himself French Fries. Was so surprised he ate cos he is so fussy when it comes to food.

For dinner, we met up with Pauline and her family. I got to know Pauline at my very first Scripture Union Camp at Cameron Highlands (>20 years ago!). From there, we've attended a few other camps together with Priscilla as well.  More details of the dinner at Priscilla's blog.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Marissa's 'New' Bed

This is Marissa's 'new' bed! Larry converted her cot into this toddler bed last night. Marissa sleeps with us on our Queen sized bed at night and she sleeps in the cot during the day but we hope she will sleep in her new bed at night soon. She was really excited to see the bed when she woke up this morning. She climbed in and pretended to sleep on the bed.

Marissa is now 15 months. She weighs 8.7kg and is 76.5cm tall. She is very clingy and would always follow me wherever I go.... even to the loo! She wants to sit on the kitchen tabletop as I wash the dishes, she wants to play in the bathroom when I have to poo and she must sit on my lap when I eat my meals at the dining table.

She can call us "Mommy" & "Daddy". At first she mispronounced "mommy" as "money" but now she will call "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Mommy?". She can say "baby", "book", "there", "here", and lots more other single words.

Evan, on the other hand, has improved tremendously in his coloring skills. He can coordinate better now with color pencils - must be all the practice in school. He's currently into 'cooking' and 'making ice cream' as well as 'Transformers'. He's gotten over the 'Power Rangers' phase already. He's one guy who's so totally into ROBOTS! He had a field day at my brother's place playing with Lego Star Wars & building 'robots'.

Larry has been revising phonics with Evan but I find it confusing. I never learnt phonics but I could still read at a young age (my mom said 4 years). So I tried teaching Evan to read with the Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme. He could read books 1a & 1b already within 2-3weeks. Will continue with books 2a & 2b in the series and check his progress.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Bookworm Contest

Little Bookworm Contest Link
My very 1st time organizing a contest together with MOBS. Lots of great prizes to be won! Thanks to my generous brother who is sponsoring LEGO cash vouchers!
For more details on this contest, please check out the link above.
Hurry! Contest ends 1st October 2009.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All dressed up!

Finally! (again!) managed to whip out the camera and snap some shots of Marissa parading in her custom-made tutu & accessories by Tutu Workshop! I was very impressed with the fast customisation and delivery of the items! The items were so professionally done and no one could ever guess they were all made from scratch! Thanks again Joanne for organizing the contest and for the lovely prize! Will get my brother Wei-Chung to snap more photos with his DSLR since he's back from Germany after his graduation.

Speaking of Germany, Wei-Chung lugged back 2 big luggage bags of Porsche souveniors, Swatch watches, Sigg bottles, Pressure Cooker (requested by my mom.....), Lego toys and some books as well. Thank you!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photobook Malaysia

Finally! Marissa's 1st birthday party photobook is ready! It took me less than 2 days to choose the pics & come up with the lay-out for this medium land-scape photobook. The application was very easy to use but actually the main reason that I was soooo fast was because 31st Aug was the last day for the 25% discount on all photobooks at Photobook Malaysia so I had to act fast.

The cost was RN177.60 for 40 pages and I upgraded to 'matte' pages which was just great. I received the book in just 5 business days!

Everything was good except for a small printing error on one of the pages and the funny cover color...... which was supposed to be 'light purple'.

All in all - a decent photobook and at a reasonable price.