Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflecting on 2013

What a year! 2013 brought along so many new challenges for me, personally. It was the year that I quit my job as a tooth doc and concentrated on supplying desserts for sweet tooths. Many friends were surprised with my move - what a waste they say, should have renewed my license to practice so you have something to fall back on lest you fail. I believed God will provide if this is the path for me….. and He was faithful indeed. I thank God for the 50+ cakes, 3000+ cupcakes & cookies and a dozen or so dessert tables and parties. I am so blessed to have wonderful team members who made it all possible. 

For the first time, I was published in a magazine (Her World Malaysia Dec 2013 issue), was interviewed & videoed by and one of The Cherry on the Cake's cake (Nescafe) was published in one of the Chinese dailies. The Cherry on the Cake was also invited by Astro's Lifetime Channel for a charity drive for breast cancer welfare in conjunction with Nuffnang's Food Fest. The Cherry on the Cake was also invited by Maybank as a pioneer blogshop to try out their Maybank2U Pay system. Just last month, my little pop-up store: The Red Cherry, opened at Malaysia's first retail hotel: Pop by Jaya One. For all these blessings, I give thanks and glory to God. 

For the new year, I've decided to scale down on cake orders and to take it easy. As I am writing this, I just completed my very first cake for the year and will be delivering it to the party venue later.

On the homeschooling front, kids are doing Math, Science and English. Yeah, decided to put aside Mandarin and BM for the moment. For the past year, they have been attending ballet, swimming, music, piano (Evan), artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and English lessons. This year, Marissa will start on her piano lessons. Her teacher is Ms. Julia Quay of Ann Perreau's. We've stopped Marissa from attending artistic gymnastics end of last year so she can concentrate more on rhythmic gymnastics. As for English lessons at Lorna Whiston, considering to stop after first term and maybe switch to British Council once they commence classes at their new branch at The Curve in April. Kids also participated in various activities throughout the year i.e. Petrosains Science Fair, BSF Lab Science workshop, Homeschoolers Sports Day and Art Fair. Evan attended a ballet performance at Istana Budaya while Marissa attended a theatre performance at PJLA, Jaya One. 

We travelled to Legoland, JB this year for our family trip and of course to my hometown in Segamat and also to Seremban twice for parties. We also attended our church family camp at Port Dickson. Hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at Tanjong Jara Resort sans kids for 4 days! This year's honeymoon will just be a simple getaway nearer to home. Also planning for more trips with the kids - Malacca/Penang….. and Singapore for my SIL's wedding.

Celebrated my mom's 70th birthday in May 2013 with a dinner and I got the opportunity to make a fondant cake for her. Next month will be my dad's turn (still figuring out what design for him!). The kids also had fun with their birthday celebrations. Marissa had a princess party and this year, it will be Evan's turn…. probably a wizard, magician or a mad scientist theme party.

Looking forward to what this new year has in store for us!