Saturday, August 30, 2008

About Marissa

Marissa is about 2.5 months old now. She loves her tummy time. She can respond in her own baby language whenever we talk or play with her. She can laugh and smile too!

During the daytime she takes micro naps from 15 minutes to 1 hour. She will cry if she's awake too long or overstimulated. At night, she can sleep through - I usually wake her up for feeds after 4 hours or so. 

At the recent Parenthood Exhibition at Mid Valley Megamall Convention Center, I purchased a diaper package from They opened a booth together with Tiny Tapir. The diapers are really really luxurious and high quality. Each diaper package comes with 3 diapers and costs RM300 (just the diaper cover no insert). It's Blueberry Minky One Size Pocket Diaper with snaps. The fabric is soft velour. I chose 3 different shades : purple, blue and red (tanzanite, sapphire & ruby). The diaper can be adjusted to 3 sizes : S, M & L. Lots of snaps at waist to get a good fit too. 
Compared to Bumwear, this is much much better. With Fuzzi Bunz and Blueberry I don't get any leakage at all. Marissa was on Bumwear and most of the time I get soaked in urine! I have stashed my Bumwear diapers aside for now. Plan to get another diaper package : this time most probably Itti Bitti D'lish as recommended by Grace of Lil Danzell. The D'lish diapers have a super trim cut and is ideal for crawlers. However the diapers are fitted All-in-ones and comes in sizes. Cost is RM270 for a package of 3. If not, I think I will go for more Blueberry diapers in other shades/patterns.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Playing together

"Say aahhhh".... Evan performing a medical & dental check-up on his baby sister.

"lup dup lup dup".....

I love my baby sister!

Marissa got dolled up again - this time in Elle.

"How do I look?"

More on birthday & full moon

Evan with one of his many presents. It's a robotic dinosaur. Something like the Robosapiens his Kung Kung bought last time.

Evan's favourite - cupcakes (especially the icing). My favourite too.....yummy!

Marissa playing with Evan's toy : Fisher-Price Kick & Crawl Aquarium. For now it's more like a playgym for her.

Monday, August 18, 2008

'BUGS' birthday party & full moon celebration


17th August : 6pm at Pantai Panorama (again).... the final lap for Evan and Marissa's double celebration.....Photo shows hard-boiled egg wrapped in tulle & secured with a ladybug.

Little Marissa dressed in Gymboree - dragonflies on skirt.... She was so quiet and manageable throughout the party unlike Evan. Marissa is already 2 months old and she tips the scales at 5.55kg (Evan was 6.05kg).

Guests this time round were mostly dentists and their families. Food was catered from Kak Idah's cafe just downstairs (Nasi Ayam) & Rumahku (Roti Jala, Skewered prawns & Roasted vege). Other items include egg mayo sandwiches, grapes & Ribena.

Pretty Frosting did a marvellous job again with the cupcakes.....

Evan enjoyed playing with the helium-filled ladybug balloons and eating the cupcakes. Loads of pressies too!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrating at Lil Beansprouts

August 14th : Evan had another birthday bash at Lil Beansprouts Montessori. The party started at 10am . I prepared 40 party packs for the celebration. The theme being BUGS. Each party pack contains a box of raisins, Sandylion honeybee stickers, a ladybug fridge magnet craft kit - all in a Spider paperbag.

When we arrived there all the kids were already waiting for us behind the table - ready to smile and pose for the camera - they are pros at this. I ordered 40 butterfly chocolate cupcakes from Pretty Frosting. Evan's birthday candle is in the shape of a butterfly too. They sang their signature cha-cha-cha birthday song. Evan was asked to make a wish before blowing out the candle - he closed his eyes for sooooo long (I don't think he understands what a wish is). Then his friends tried to help him blow out the candle but in the end, he managed to do it by all himself.

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the cake.

Evan ended up with a chocolate moustache but he finished the entire cupcake.

Evan distributed the party packs to all his friends. He also received a birthday gift from Lil Beansprouts. Then it was time for games. We left shortly after. I was amazed that Evan was so quiet and obedient in school - he's totally the opposite at home!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evan's early birthday & Marissa's belated full moon party

Evan's so happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday! We've decided to have the celebration on 2 different days to accomodate the large number of guests. First up, on 10th August, Sunday at 6pm, the party catered to family & relatives from both my side and Larry's.

We ordered a simple cake from Secret Recipe : Sugar-free Moist Chocolate Cake. Wording on cake : HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN & HAPPY FULL MOON MARISSA. It was tastefully decorated. Evan enjoyed eating the cake.

Enjoying his bowl of meehoon in his room. About 30 guests made it for the party. Larry's mom catered the dinner from 4 different people.... Menu included a variety of Chinese dishes : Butter prawns, meehoon, fried rice, fish curry, chicken curry, mixed vege, crab balls and kuih. I got the maid to prepare the red eggs, and I prepared the drinks. We also served seedless grapes - also another of Evan's favourites. Evan's really looking forward to the next party..... plus the one that will be held in school.

All geared up for Swimming

Evan really loves it when his Kung Kung comes for visit. He gets to go swimming! Each time his Kung Kung calls, he will say "Hello Kung Kung! Let's go swimming!"
Since he has outgrown his very first swimsuit, I decided to try out a swim trunk from Gymboree. Fits pretty well. Evan also has arm floats and a board pictured here. He usually swims for an hour in both the baby pool and adult pool.... but when it's time to come up, he adamantly wants to swim somemore....after that, he would be wrapped up in a towel poncho and head straight back home for his shower.
Thinking of starting Marissa in the pool much earlier - 6mos. Evan only started at 1 year.

Monday, August 4, 2008

All geared up for School

This is Evan - all geared up for School. We enrolled him in Lil Beansprouts Montessori located just nearby at Block 5 of Pantai Panorama Condominium. We stay in Block 1. He started playschool at 18mos - only an hour a day. Initially he cried and refused to go but settled in after less than 1 week. When he turned 2, he started pre-school - which is for 3.5hours a day. Lots of activities, art & craft, games and trips.

He enjoys going to school... but sometimes when he's throwing a tantrum or just wants to 'manja', he will say "school is closed" or "let's go to Mid-Valley Megamall" instead. These photos were taken when he was ready and raring to go to school - kept on pestering me at the door. He's wearing his school shirt, matched with a pair of shorts (only RM8 from T-shoppe Parkson), socks (from a pack of 5 - Mothercare), Veggie Tales shoes - second-hand ones which I bought from ebay USA long time back and a Samsonite Ladybug backpack - Dipsy 3 (from ebay UK). So what's inside the backpack? Water tumbler, change of clothes, diaper and hand towel. I walked him to school nowadays - need the exercise anyway. The maid looks after Marissa when I go out. Will blog about the maid in another far, she's ok.