Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates on ballet & rhythmic gymnastics

My 2 little munchkins completed their ballet exams last month. Evan took his 3rd exam: RAD Ballet Grade 1 and Marissa took her very first exam: RAD Ballet Pre-primary in Dance (PPID).
Sole to Soul Dance Studio organised a trial exam and parent's day for students taking the ballet exams. Both Evan and Marissa did well in their trials! In fact all the kids in Marissa's class were so cute!

Evan photographed above with his 2 classmates and their ballet teacher: Ms Alice. The girls were wearing their character dance skirts. And all 3 of them were wearing character shoes.

Marissa in her ballet attire

Easter at The School: International Rabbit Show and rabbit petting zoo. The kids were elated to be able to play with the rabbits. There was also free popcorn, balloons and cotton candy.

For the International Rabbit Show: lots of rabbits of different breeds were on display for the judging.  At the petting zoo, the kids get to go into a barn and pet the rabbits. Limited number of kids are allowed per session. Rabbits were also available for sale at a mini booth outside the barn.

Marissa joined the identification programme by the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (Rhythmic Gymnastics) at the National Sports Council, National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil. The objective of the programme is to identify new talents for the development of the sport. She is currently under probation for 3 months together with a small group of 6 year olds. Her coach is Ms. Alisa from Uzbekistan. Training is for 1.5 hours per session every Saturday and Sunday…… adding on to my never-ending chauffeuring duties. She stills continues her rhythmic gymnastics classes with Ms Carolyn every Friday. 

As for me…. I have cut down on my cake orders this month of May. I hope to teach a few classes at Cake Connection SS2. Biz at The Red Cherry at Pop is improving and has expanded to include a wide range of homemade artisanal gourmet food and drinks. Do check it out if you are around PJ's Jaya One.