Thursday, July 26, 2007

Potty Award


Hooray! Evan has been using the potty for shee shee and poo poo for the past few days. Hubby and I are elated that he's taking this potty business well. Hopefully he will graduate to the toilet bowl soon. I bought this The First Few Years/Elmo Potty from Metrojaya few months back hoping to entice Evan into sitting on the potty more often. Although he already has 2 other potties he didn't want to sit on them. Since this potty can be converted into a step stool for the toilet bowl and also a child toilet seat, i decided to give it a try. He was quite keen to sit on it but not for any 'business' so we just let it be. In the mean time, I let Evan watche a DVD - Elmo's Potty Time. Recently we started asking him to use the potty and he complied - even asking his Grandmother to clap whenever he manages to shee shee in it!
I still put on a diaper for him whenever he naps/sleeps though.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Barney goes to the Dentist

I bought Evan this book 'Barney goes to the Dentist' just the other day. He was very excited because he watched Barney before on MAS flights. He would also 'hug' Barney in the book and even 'kiss' the picture of Barney in the book!

Evan can say that a Dentist's job is to "check the teeth" and he would even open his mouth for a check-up just like in the book and count his teeth. At the end of the book, Barney teaches the little girl how to brush and take care of her teeth. Then, Evan would be demanding for his "toothbrush! toothpaste!" and proceed to brush his teeth.
I asked him whether he wants to visit the dentist too and he replies enthusiastically, "want!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birthday Party Practice

Evan will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in about a month's time. He's pretty excited about birthdays. At Lil Beansprouts, he's attended so many of them that he knows what to expect.....
Here's what transpires during a birthday party 'practice' session :
1) Evan arranges the peek-a-blocks on the table (one of them has a birthday cake in it) and also the toolbench with the hammer in place. Then he calls or pulls the both of us to the room.

2) We all sing the birthday song

3) We clap our hands otherwise Evan would be prompting us "Clap hands! Clap hands!"

4) "Take the knife - cut the cake" Evan would say and uses the hammer to 'cut' the block.

5) We would always need to remind him to blow the candles first, and he always complied with a "Phewwww".

6) Then Evan would offer Hubby and me the block of cake.

7) Evan tastes the cake and exclaims "NICE!"

8) Then we have to REPEAT the whole sequence from no.2 to no.7 !

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Peter Pan

"Tinker Bell? Can you please spare me some pixie dust? I want to transfer ALL the toys and books here to Never Land!" - Peter Pan

Evan is dressed up as Peter Pan. I bought this costume on ebay. It's actually from the Disney Store in the US. This set comes complete with hat, tunic, pants, belt and shoe covers.

Evan has a Peter Pan little golden book bought at Pay Less Books - it's second-hand but still looks as good as new. He loves flipping through the pages looking for Captain Hook. He also does this to his Disneyland Paris souvenier book which has pages on Captain Hook.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Both Hubby and I took some time to come up with this blog title - which we think is an embodiment of the essence of parenting. So basically i will blog about parenthood. Occasionally Hubby will be a guest blogger.

So why Ph.D in Parenting (Prayers, Hugs & Diapers)?
Prayers : The Spiritual aspect must not be left out in the child's development. We want to raise a godly child with God's help!
Hugs : Not just the physical hugs but love and affection, also for comfort and encouragement.
Diapers : Basically it represents all the needs of an infant/toddler/child eg feeding, bathing etc

So why not Pampers, Huggies & Drypers?
Hey! There must be more to parenthood than dealing with your child's valsalvic movements 24/7!
Made myself clear?