Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BagsKaki DOT Blogspot DOT Com

Bagskaki is a blogshop managed by bagaholics who incidentally call themselves 'THE KAKIS'.  As you can see from their logo above - they look like a bunch of very fashionable ladies whose passion are BAGS. 
So, what do they sell, ah? Sounds like a redundant question but seriously, Bagskaki stocks AUTHENTIC stuff. They have brand new items and also pre-loved. 100% genuine and guaranteed authentic - all at a fraction of the cost. Sounds too good to be true? Gotta go see for yourself...... click here
Brands which they stock include Coach, Gin & Jacqie and more.

Currently, Bagskaki is running a contest in conjunction with International Women's Day (8th March) whereby bloggers with certain amount of referrals will get to win Gin & Jacqie bags.  So, I sincerely hope you can help me to win one bag by clicking on the Bagskaki logo on the right sidebar. Thank you very much! Arigato Guzaimas! Danke! Terima Kasih!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bento for Evan

Evan is now more adventurous when it comes to food - thanks to the After School Programme at his kindy TJC. Aunty Joyce prepares a good variety of meals for the kids e.g. noodles, pasta, rice with dishes etc. Evan enjoys eating his lunch there with his friends. He feeds himself entirely now - although he was  slow and needed coaxing.

So, today I prepared this ultra simple bento - as requested by Evan. Four cocktail chicken sausages - steamed and skewered with alphabet picks. A mini mickey mouse diecut cheese & wholemeal bread sandwich.

All packed in an Anpanman bento box - ready to eat during snack time. I just hope that he will remember to drink his water.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Consultation with a Paed Immunologist

Dr Amir is the visiting paed. immunologist at Baby & Beyond. We made an appointment to consult him regarding Evan & Marissa's previous urticaria which we had trouble identifying the trigger allergen. After taking the history, he concluded that we need not conduct an allergy test as the urticaria was most likely from a viral infection based on the following observations :

1) Both Evan & Marissa had the same condition but manifested the signs at different times. Marissa was on a Wednesday afternoon and Evan on a Thursday morning.

2) Both did not consume anything extraordinary within 2 hours timespan of the 'allergic reaction'

3) Even with anti-histamines, the urticaria took about 4-5 days to clear. This is atypical of an allergic reaction as it will resolve speedily upon administration of anti-histamines.

4) The onset of urticaria was not accompanied by wheezing, rhinitis, oedema of the lips etc which is indicative of allergic reaction.

The kids enjoyed playing driving the bus and also Evan discovered that he could switch on the headlights of the bus. Didn't bring camera along cos my SIL borrowed it for her trip to Singapore. So here's a pic of the bus taken from the Baby and Beyond homepage.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Stylish Tokyo Lucky Draw

New Stylish Tokyo (NST) is an online store selling bento tools and kawaii items. I am one of their customers and I've purchased over RM350 worth of bento items from their store! NST also has a blog maintained by the owner. The blog complements the webstore well as lots of tips on using the bento tools are provided with step-by-step instructions. Recipes are also posted on the blog. This is a very good for those who are just getting acquainted with bento-ing (people like me la....).

NST is currently celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a sale and also a lucky draw for both their customers and bloggers. There is a grand prize (Check out the grand prize picture below!) and also a consolation prize. To take part in this draw, go here.

I hope NST will continue to bring in cute Sanrio character bento tools and I also hope to see more Hello Kitty items (I am a fan!) - not necessarily bento stuff but other items too.

Congratulations NST on your 2nd year! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Children’s Leaders/Workers and Parenting Conference

This is the first time I attended this conference! I chose to attend the Balloon Sculpturing workshops conducted by Allan Yong & Friends - a total of 4 workshops starting from the basics of balloon sculpturing.... all the way to sharing the gospel using balloons. The workshops were all hands-on and fun! Actually, there were over 50 different workshops/sessions for all participants to choose from.

I invested in a quality balloon pump and bags and bags of balloons. Allan Yong & Friends had set up a booth selling lots of merchandise at very reasonable prices. I even bought a 'magic bag' prop.
Pumping balloons during the workshop had taken a toll on my flabby arms! Still aching now! Anyway, now it's time for more and more practice cos I will be doing a short Easter message/presentation during my church's children's Easter party in about 2 weeks time.

Oh and any kids out there want a balloon toothbrush? Come and visit your balloon-pump-toting-child-friendly dentist!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doctor No. 5's advice

It seems like most of my blog posts lately have been about the kids being sick and going to the paeds! Yikes! This time round, Evan had fever & cough thanks to a virus. Then Marissa caught the bug as well and she's down pretty bad with fever, cough & a stuffy nose. We had been giving Evan cough syrup from his previous paed : Dr. Koe but it didn't really work very well. Now that the cough syrup is almost finished we thought of getting more for Marissa. So it's off to Bangsar Village II.

Dr Chow Su Lin is the 'Doctor No-5' at Baby & Beyond. We've seen 4 other paediatricians there before this and she's the 'last one'.  She advised symptomatic treatment with paracetamol 6 hourly. If there are spikes in the temperature in between doses, take nurofen. For night, administer voren suppository to keep the temperature down. No need to take cough syrup as most of them are not effective unless contains codeine and may have undesirable side effects. For the stuffy nose, use oxygenase nose drops to clear the nostrils. Take anti-histamine to keep the flu symptoms down.

Praying that Marissa & Evan will recover soon! Scheduled an appointment with Prof Dr. Amir for patch tests for both of the kids next week. We still do not know what is the trigger for their urticaria.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Evan's Doodles


Evan doodling at his desk - very serious - do not disturb. Showcased a few of his doodles here below. His likes to draw people eg superheroes. 
He keeps his pencils in a pencil case on the desk and will usually sharpen them before drawing. Sometimes he colors them... sometimes no....
This is one activity that can keep him occupied for some time without getting distracted! The opposite holds true when it's homework time...


Friday, March 5, 2010

Maggi Mee

The kids absolutely love to eat instant noodles i.e. Maggi Mee in a cup. Evan would request noodles once he comes back from school. So once he finishes his bath, he gets to eat piping hot instant noodles. He eats it all up without me nagging him to scoop and eat. He will blow the hot noodles and then slurp it up. He even wants to drink the soup. Not even one bit of noodles left behind. Marissa also loves noodles and will eat a small bit whenever her brother eats and can be very messy when she's feeding herself noodles.

Evan's eating 'repertoire' has expanded to include fried rice, noodles, chicken nuggets, pizza and sausages. He likes french fries and will always request it whenever we go out for dinner. He's also eating his lunch in school albeit a bit slow.... Well hopefully he will learn to eat a larger variety of foods soon - it would certainly help a lot when we go on holiday next month!