Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dressed in Gymboree

After I found out that I was conceiving a baby girl, I went on a Gymboree shopping spree on ebay (was really excited!) and purchased an almost complete (didn't buy the fruffle and blanket) collection of Gymboree baby girl layette line : Botanical Babies in size 3-6mos. The collection was simply adorable in the colors purple, green and white and with dragonflies and floral motives. The collection was released July 2007.
Marissa is only 6 weeks now but the clothes fit her ok - loose - but ok. Guess I was quite excited with the news and went slightly overboard with the shopping.

Retail price : Bloomer 2-pc set : USD$29.50, socks : USD$4.50, crib shoes : USD$14.50

Bought a pair of Gymmies (Gymboree's pajamas) for Evan. Really super comfy material and with his favourite bugs and creepy crawlies on it. It's a size 4 - meant to wear snug fitting. It was a Gymboree Sleepwear collection launched in May 2008.

Retail price : USD$19.50

Monday, July 21, 2008

1st day at Church

Evan & Marissa all dressed up for church yesterday - 1st time for Marissa since her birth. She quietly slept in the Maxi-Cosi most of the time during the service. Evan on the other hand was soooooo noisy - even the children's room couldn't contain him! We gave out Full Moon gifts to the church members.

My mom insisted that Marissa should wear something NEW on her 'birthday' - I didn't have any dress suitable for her - the two dresses that I bought from Gymboree were still too big. After looking through her bag of new clothes, we found this one - a sweet pink swing top (thanks to auntie Priscilla & family). The size is for a one-year-old but for a one-month-old, it fits like a dress. Marissa also wore a fruffle from Gymboree.

We ordered cookies in the shape of baby booties & bodysuits, and chocolate butterfly cupcakes from Pretty Frosting. They have a stall during the weekends at the Amcorp Mall Flea Market. As for the eggs, we boiled them at home and wrapped them up. Looks too cute to be eaten, eh?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Moon

Marissa turned one month old on 16th July. Here she is with my dad - her Kung Kung - who helped out with taking care of Evan - bringing him swimming.

Here she is with my mom - her Por Por - who is a great help with my confinement and taking care of her. Marissa had put on over 1kg since her birth. In the photo she's wearing one of the Fuzzi Bunz diaper that I bought. Really effective - highly recommended. Will be celebrating Marissa's full moon together with Evan's 3rd birthday later....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Poo Poo Princess

Marissa is already 3 weeks old - she's growing well - last time we weighed her was last week and she was already 3.9kg. So I guess she's over 4kg by now. She's been breastfed exclusively and on demand since her birth. She feeds about every 2-hourly but sometimes more frequent and sometimes less frequent when she naps for longer periods. But when she's awake, she poos a lot! I change her diapers more than 10 times a day! Good thing I have this changing table with all the necessary items within reach - cos when she's wet/soiled she's really unhappy and will let us know so we can change her diaper ASAP. Will start using cloth diapers soon (I have a drawer full of Bumwear onesize cloth diapers). Managed to win 4 small Fuzzi bunz diapers with inserts from UK. The diapers are on the way so will try them out on Marissa once it arrives. Paid about RM50 for each.