Sunday, October 23, 2011


Evan & Marissa.... both of them enjoy playing with each other - Lego, wooden blocks, Playmobil, Playdoh..... etc. Do they fight while playing? Yes they do but they resolve the issues on their own. After playing they will help each other clean up - phew! 

They also love art! Scribbling, doodling and coloring! Evan can color very well now - with color tones and what not. Marissa has been drawing roses and figures a la Oliver Jeffers (one of our favourite children's author/illustrator).

On a side note..... baked cookies for the first time ever in my life! Decorated these two cookies with fondant for the two of them as per their request. Marissa - sparkly princess tiara and Evan - a blue race car. He's so into CARS nowadays... ever since watching Cars 2 at the cinema.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy Bee

Was rather busy the past 2 weeks and somehow neglected this blog!
Anyway, I was busy splurging on books at the recently concluded BIG BAD WOLF Sale. It's the 4th year in a row that I've attended and so far, this time it's the best in terms of venue, logistics and organization. Plus this year, I managed to score passes for the media preview sale which made shopping much easier cos there was no maddening crowd!

I've been rather busy baking and caking too! Here's my latest creation : a 9" rich butter cake and 4 cuppies for little Kristen's 2nd birthday. Her mom and myself decided on a cake based on one of her favourite songs : Old McDonald Had a Farm. Had tonnes of fun making the 3D animal cupcakes - my favourite one being the sheep which was a last minute idea. The cupcakes were baked in Wilton's Silly Feet silicon cupcake cases. The entire cake is fully decorated at the sides : barn, apple tree, fence, tractor, Old McDonald, E-I-E-I-O, chicken and duck in pond. Kristen's mommy says the cake was very delicious and she says that I can now set up shop already. Not very sure about the setting up shop part as I think that I am still at the amateur level.... anyway, would love to apprentice or partner up with another cake designer.... or should I start "Sugarcraft Delights" or "The Sweet Tooth Fairy"???

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canteen Day!

The day finally arrived for TJC's Canteen Day - for the 6-year olds. The children have been learning about money and now it's practical time! 

RM10 per kid is actually quite a huge amount.... Evan brought back RM3.50. 
Anyway, Evan was so excited about the Canteen Day that he couldn't stop talking to me about it when I picked him up from school yesterday.

He bought 2 packets of Twisties - cheese flavour - which we refer to as cheese curls (like those in Veggie Tales). He knows his sister loves to eat them. He also bought a pack of puffy stickers for her. Actually he wanted to buy a hairband but he said it sold out very fast. So he ended up with this pack of stickers. Nevertheless Marissa was rather thrilled with his loot. Both of them sat down quietly after dinner and ate their Twisties!

For himself, he bought this: and another toy called 'sticky man' recommended by his principal! He missed the Angry Birds mechanical pencils which he told me he wanted to buy for Marissa. Those Angry Birds merchandise are really hot!

He also ended up with quite a lot of nuggets and sausages! Burp!