Friday, March 20, 2009

Another bento for me

Made another bento for lunch at work for Larry and myself. Very simple side dishes : Sauteed mushrooms with green capsicums in black pepper sauce and Scrambled eggs with Diced Chicken Sausages. I used sushi rice and decorated it with some seaweed & salmon furikake plus some nori cars. I also packed a salad in another container with some mayo as dressing. All in all it was a pretty scrumptious lunch! Must say that hubby is happy with the bento and is looking forward for more.... hmmm...... not sure whether I can still churn out bentos when the maid is gone. She's leaving in 2 weeks time so no more bentos after that for awhile I guess.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bento for me

Felt very 'rajin' today so decided to make bentos for hubby and myself to bring to work for lunch. This snapshot is of my own bento : sushi rice with seaweed & salmon furikake & topped with 3 pieces of sakura-shape chicken bologna.
The upper tier is filled with scrambled eggs with cheese, roasted red capsicums & an extra slice of chicken bologna folded likea fan and held together with alphabet picks (my initials). There's another extra box which I filled with salad greens, cherry tomotoes, seedless grapes & 2 tubs of peach konnyaku jelly. My mom-in-law made some fresh orange juice for us. Hubby's lunchbox contains the same stuff basically so I didnt take a photo.

Some pics of the kids : Evan posing as Doctor Octopus from Spiderman comics. He's holding the toy from McDonald's.

Marissa is now 9 months old. We gave her some formula milk 2 days ago when I went to work and apparently she knows the difference and didnt like it at all. So will try again today. Just want to supplement because my milk production volume has decreased and I am lazy to express at home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Echo Microphone

I bought this echo microphone from Gymboree in January. The echo microphone doesnt require any batteries but when you speak into it - it ampliflies your voice just like the way a microphone does. I've seen Think Toys selling echo microphones too - less than RM30 each. Interesting item to have around.

Evan was first exposed to the echo microphone when he attended a trial music class at Gymboree. He was shy and didnt want to speak into the microphone. The facilitator asked him to sing a song and he declined but he was able to repeat the sounds as requested by the facilitator.

I slowly introduced him to the microphone after that and initially he was shy but after a few attempts I can easily conduct an interview with him using the microphone. Just recently Evan even sang a song which he learnt from school holding the microphone just like in a performance! The favourite song : 10 little Indian boys.... with actions!

Boy was I pleased to have succeeded in getting him to sing and talk using the microphone.... it's a great confidence builder and he's not so self-conscious anymore.

Recent developments in my ebay store : I've become a reseller for Fabulous Mom breastfeeding items eg nursing bras, tanks, ponchos, breastmilk storage bags, cooler bags etc etc etc.
I've also been approached by Eric Tan - who stays in Block 2 (of the same condo) to sell wooden toys, puzzles and IQ games. So will be slowly listing them up - there will be lots of Thomas & friends toys!