Monday, March 11, 2013

Ann Perreau's In House Concert Term 1

Evan performed another of his compositions entitled "Soldiers Marching Up Mt. Everest" during the latest In House Concert at Ann Perreau's. It was a duet with his piano teacher: Ms Phylicia.

I made it in time for his performance which was scheduled as the finale for that day! I had an extremely busy day with 3 cake orders so I wasn't sure whether I could make it but I managed to after all - and am so glad that I did. So proud of his performance! I recorded it but can't seem to upload it on Youtube.... so too bad, can't share it here. 

Group photo of all the performers! See the boy 3rd from the left? Evan commented that he was dressed up for a wedding! Alamak!

Another group pic with 2 of his fellow friends in his music appreciation class.

On another note, Marissa has started music classes as well at Ann Perreau's and enjoys it very much! She will probably start her piano lessons next year once she's ready.