Saturday, May 29, 2010

HK Disneyland Park TOP TEN

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Ok - this is the last post about HK Disneyland.... I am sure all of you had enough!
Top 10 experiences at HK Disneyland Park! In random order!

1) Mickey Ears
Get your own Mickey Ears or Mickey Hat or Mickey Cap and wear it at the park!
I bought 2 hats for the kids. Free custom embroidery. They wore it to Chef Mickey for buffet breakfast.

2) Stitch Encounter
This was at Tomorrowland. We went for the English show and it was a great experience having Stitch 'talk' and interact with selected people from the audience. Entertaining and funny!

3) Festival of the Lion King 
Do not ever miss this! A live musical of the retelling of Simba's story. It was indeed a breath-taking performance by a super talented cast. Too bad we managed to watch this only once.

4) Royal Banquet Hall
Very beautiful eatery located in Fantasyland. Serves Mickey Pizza and other yummy foods in an enchanting fairy-tale setting. Loved the stain glass windows! We were there for lunch and this is where Mickey Pizza is served.

5) Balloon Twister
His territory is Fantasyland. Queue up and choose your balloons! He can twist Mickey Ears, Pooh Bear, Buzz Lightyear gun and more!

6) It's a Small World
Take a nice relaxing journey on a rowboat in It's A Small World. We did this 3 times! For the first two rides we took photos of all the dolls and for the last ride, we just relaxed and took in all the sights and sounds. After the ride, watch out for the clock chime : like a cuckoo clock, a door would open and dolls will dance around. Remember to visit the Ice Cream parlour too for yummylicious ice cream cones or ice cream pancakes.

7) Watch the Parade
Bought Evan popcorn to snack on while waiting for the parade to start. 

8) Face Painting
Available at Fantasyland for HKD$80 (Evan got a complimentary face painting voucher).  Everyone STARED at him and he didn't like it after awhile. After a few rides in Fanstasyland, Larry brought him to the toilet and washed the face paint away. I thought he was such a handsome little version of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Need I say more? 7:30pm nightly - don't miss it!

10) Merlin the Magician
Watched his performance right in front of Cinderella's Carousel. Highly entertaining! There isn't a fixed time for the performance so keep your eyes and ears open to spot Merlin. Evan tried pulling out Excalibur with all his might.

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