Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chef Evan

Time to blog about something else other than Disneyland and Hong Kong.... will get back to that topic later as I am struggling to sort out all the photos (almost 2000 shots).

Anyways.... here's Evan in a custom-made apron and chef hat which I ordered from TiniHani recently. Cost? RM15 for the apron, RM15 for the hat & RM3 for the felt pie stitched on the apron. If you require more customisation e.g. name, additional charges apply.

Evan has lots of play food, a Step 2 kitchen (that has built-in fridge, microwave oven & convection oven) and lots of other cooking accessories. He loves pretend cooking and will always whip up a tasty looking tray of food for us or prepare food for a picnic for all the soft toys. Well, I certainly hope will not be so fussy with food especially now that he's officially 'weaned' off porridge.

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