Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mickey Food at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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From Crystal Lotus restaurant (HK Disneyland Hotel): Mickey Dim Sum. This was very very tasty. The kids ate a lot of this.

This is from Chef Mickey (Disney's Hollywoood Hotel). There's a Mickey waffle in the photo. They also serve soup with Disney character pasta inside.

Enchanted Garden (HK Disneyland Hotel) has this Mickey pancake.

 Mickey chocolate ice cream stick sold at the park at various locations. There's also jelly and pudding in plastic Mickey-shaped containers.

Mickey Pizza at Royal Banquet Hall (Fantasyland). Quite delicious!

At all the restaurants at the hotels & park, kids get their own special plate, bowl, cup & cutlery - all with Mickey & Minnie. They also have specially designed highchairs for the younger ones.

This one is from Enchanted Garden - the highchair matches the rest of the furniture in the restaurant.

Overall, food was expensive. Mineral water was also expensive - HKD$12 for a bottle of 500ml. The hotels also gave 2 bottles of water complimentary everyday but it's obviously not enough. So, a big portion of our expenses were incurred to fill our tummies! Now that my pants are tighter, I need to diet!


margaret said...

hi, interesting to read HK trip post, i will be going to HK Disneyland on August, ur infor. certainly help a lot to me. Something i need to check with u, i read from Disneyland website, for hotel guest will entitle for stay and play for 2 days, that's mean v just need to buy the first day entry ticket,the rest of the day is free entrance. Do u benefit from this and save your $$ on annual pass??

Hui-Wearn said...

Yes the stay and play for 2 days promo is on now. i didn't use this promo cos we were there the whole week so we got the pass instead. we entered Disneyland 4 week days. the cost of the annual pass is slightly cheaper or the same as 2 day tickets, plus we got 35% discounts on our hotel rates.