Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disney on Parade

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Another highlight at Hong Kong Disneyland Park is the daily parade which starts at 3:30pm.  We watched the parade twice. On one of the days we skipped it to go on the rides and it was such a breeze cos there wasn't a queue as most people were busy taking photos of the parade. It was shorter compared to the one at Eurodisney but enjoyable nonetheless




Balloons, snacks and popcorn vendor - selling their wares just before the start of the parade. Brisk sales I would say. Good thing Evan and Marissa didn't ask for any of the balloons though I would say they were quite nice. There was one type of balloon that had a switch to light it up and the colors will glow and change.




 Watch out! The flowers squirt water!



Best to take photos standing up instead of sitting down. Get ready 15 minutes before the start of the parade - go scout for a shady place to sit down and wait. Best place is at the front of the Corner Cafe on Main Street USA.

The are special parades during Halloween, Christmas & Chinese New Year.