Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Vs Evil

Evan has been doodling and drawing......superheroes e.g. Larry Boy, Spiderman, etc. His all time favourites.... not toy cars, not trucks, not football..... but superheroes & villains (good vs evil)

He draws and colours his superheroes' & villains' portraits and then cellotapes them to the bedroom doors. This is what is currently on his bedroom door.


Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

He likes to show off his drawings to everyone - even the kakak who comes to clean the house!

He's still very much into reading his manga bibles and has a renewed interest in watching Veggie Tales. He likes the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything from the movie Jonah & also the story of Josh & The Big Wall.  

We are teaching him that Jesus is even more powerful than all the superheroes combined because He can perform miracles. And.... GOOD will always triumph over EVIL...... GOD will punish those who do wrong things. 

Oh... if you are fan of Toy Story 3 (like me ;P), do take note that Metrojaya is organizing a Toy Story 3 fair from 9-20 June 2010. Evan will be most delighted to hear that his favourite Toy Story characters Woody & Buzz are making their appearances during the school break!

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