Thursday, May 13, 2010

When not in Disneyland..... was Toys 'R' Us at Harbour City! Impressively huge store there. They sell Playmobil toys at reasonable prices.

LEGO toys galore with the brick table for kids to build. Very well decorated with Lego scenery of Hong Kong in glass cabinets. The kids played and played and played there while I browsed the store. There was a Hello Kitty mini shop in Toys 'R' Us but way tooooo expensive.

When hunger pangs set in..... we dropped by Pizza Hut. The restaurant looks classier and more refined compared to our local Pizza Hut chain restaurant. Menu was also different and pricier but food was tasty.

Another toy shop at Harbour City. There's a dedicated children's floor with lots of boutiques, bookstore, toy shop and food outlets. For a place this big, there was only one nursing room.... and parents had to queue up to use it. *Frown*

Had early dinner at Jade Garden Restaurant located outside the mall complex. Wantan mee & dim sum. Evan fell asleep at the table due to exhaustion. Can't blame him..... we were out the whole day walking!

Red junk at Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Photographed this from the window of the Jade Garden Restaurant while Evan took his nap.

Night view of the Hong Kong waterfront at Victoria Harbour. All the buildings and skyscrapers were lighted up. After all the photo taking, we left TST and headed back to the hotel.

On another day, we ventured to Causeway Bay. Spotted McDonald's and we went there for a snack. We purchased a Happy Meal - it came with a box of milk among other things..... oh and a toy of course..... an ambulance robot (transformers)

Times Square Causeway Bay - nothing very interesting. We dined at the food court.


Double decker buses in Hong Kong. Didn't ride on any though. We used the MTR.
Evan didn't enjoyed all this walking around and he pleaded to 'go back to the room'. So we went back to Disneyland. Anyway, didn't do any shopping as things were expensive. Sogo had their anniversary sale but nothing great. They have a great selection of Hello Kitty items but too expensive. 

So when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland with kids...... just stay, play and eat there.

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