Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potty Training 101

Marissa is close to 2 now..... time to start some potty training 101 classes!
The first lesson was mainly theoretical. 
"Marissa, where do you go shee shee?"
"When you want to poo poo, where do you go?"

Next comes the practical sessions. Marissa has to practice sitting on the throne. This particular one was inherited from her brother. It features Elmo on it and Marissa has no qualms sitting on the potty but not for long unless she's reading a book.

Ok, now comes the hard part, actually depositing poo poo or shee shee inside the potty. Hmmmm.... usually it's a bit too late as whenever she alerts me by saying poo poo.... the deed has already been done in the diapers. Guess she needs some more time before she can go diaper free! In the mean time, I am contemplating to buy cute panties for her from Gymboree.

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