Sunday, May 16, 2010

Upcoming birthday

Marissa is now 23 months - another 30 odd days to go before she turns 2! Indeed time really flies and this little princess of mine is gonna be another year older and wiser. Here she is in deep thought about her upcoming birthday party plans. 
If we ask her what she would like to watch on TV, she would go....
"Um....... um....... um......"  and then answer us with her choice.
If we ask her which dress she would like to wear....... she would hesitate and say "um..." a few times before answering. 

As for the birthday party.....
I initially thought of organizing an Art & Craft birthday party at Gymboree Play & Music Bangsar Village. The birthday party package includes :
1 hour special art & craft activities with materials provided for up to 12 kids (max age 5 years) at Gymboree. 
12 Party Packs and special birthday gift for the birthday child. 
12 sets of Gymboree napkins & paper plates
12 Gymboree helium balloons. 
12 special Gymboree invitation cards. 
Snack time is half hour. Only finger food allowed which you have to bring your own. All this for RM300 (Additional costs apply with additional kids, appearance of clown etc etc etc)

Moreover I won 100 mini muffins in one of the blog contests and thought it would be great as one of the finger foods. Then I just need to order a cake/cupcakes and add on some finger foods e.g. mini sandwiches, nuggets, curry puffs and packet drinks etc but hubby not too keen so I guess will have to scrap the plan. Perhaps just a small celebration at home? Another thot is to organizing a GIVEAWAY on this blog in conjunction with Marissa's birthday. Seems like it's quite a popular thing to do nowadays....

So now I am the one who's going..... "um.. um... um" if you ask me what are we doing for Marissa's birthday.

Ok - this post reminds me that I need to put up Marissa's Hello Kitty 1st birthday party decorations up for sale!  Anyone interested??? To refresh your memory on what happened last year, click on the Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Party link on the left sidebar under 'Favourite Reads'. I will try to put it up for sale as soon as possible at my blogshop : Huiwearn Kids Store. Currently there are some pre-loved items for sale there.

Mickey souveniers from HK Disneyland! HKD$55 for the hat inclusive of free name embroidery and HKD$60 for the specs.

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Grace (WhimsyLoft.Com) said...

happy birthday to little Marissa! your girl's looking very "intellectual" with her mickey mouse cap hehehe... so cute!