Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Girl

Marissa turned 2 years old on 16th June 2010. She's growing up very fast - no more a toddler!
Potty training is still in progress.... she will usually obliged with sitting on the potty briefly whenever we ask her to.... but nothing is deposited in it.  She speaks in sentences and is picking up phrases from her brother. She is also very bossy - even to the point of dictating which pair of shoes her brother should wear! 

We had a mini birthday celebration on 17th June. I ordered 16 cupcakes from Fit for 2 Cafe in Bangsar Village II at RM5 each. The cuppies were all undecorated - 8 chocolate flavoured ones and 8 vanilla. The icing came in 6 separate piping bags and for decoration.... there were 10 different options ranging from chocolate sprinkles, heart-shaped sprinkles and the likes.

 Marissa trying her hand at decorating one of the cupcakes.

 Evan ate the sprinkles while busy decorating the cupcakes

 We invited Joseph and Joy-Anne over to join in the fun too!

All creatively done by the kids! (with help from their parents!)

Sang the birthday song!

 Family pic!

The mini muffins I won in a giveaway by Kedai Mini Muffin arrived on Marissa's birthday. I would recommend it! Tasty and bite-sized. The cupcakes by Fit for 2 were also delicious although the icing was a bit too sweet for me. Anyway, it was a fun birthday activity! 


prince n princess mum said...

happy birthday!

Allan said...

Happy Birthday Marissa! Growing up well and pretty! :-D

chung said...

happy belated Marissa!!!