Monday, June 28, 2010


We met up with Teacher Cindy at TJC to discuss Evan's exam results. Lots of parents were already there bright and early from 8:30am onwards. Very yummy breakfast served : cream puffs, curry puffs, cake and popiah.

In summary, Evan is now more well-behaved. Studies-wise, he's pretty OK. Mixes around easily with his friends. Doesn't like to try new foods and doesn't like Chinese class! Hopefully he will be more attentive in class and doesn't disturb his friends too much! 

Just a gentle reminder - the Dish Deli RM30 meal voucher giveaway ends on 1st July. This is the first giveaway that I am organizing in this blog. I hope to see more entries coming in! I've just tried the Beef Lasagna and it was really delicious! Even Evan the fussy eater ate a good portion of it!

To be in the running to win the meal voucher plus free delivery to your doorstep: just click here to leave your contact details - it's really so easy. Don't miss out!

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