Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Marissa and I were reading a book together - it was Tomie dePaola's Big Anthony and the Magic Ring.

After the story, she pointed to my finger and to my rings and said "Ring, Mommy's ring".
Me : Yes, it's Mommy's wedding ring. Mommy and Daddy got married and Daddy gave me the ring.
Marissa : Daddy gave Mommy ring
Me : Do you have a ring?
Marissa : No
Me : Do you want to get married?
Marissa : Yes
Me : Who do you want to get married to?
Marissa : To boys
Me : Which one?
Marissa : I want Joseph! I want Joseph!
Me : :))))

Things are getting complicated here.....

If I were to ask who Evan would like to get married to...... the complications will get even more complicated.... hahah.... too complicated to explain.


BuffaFly said...

oohh....now this is complicated.
I told Joe, "Marissa wants to marry you" and he said, "But I want to marry Claryse! Sorry but I can only choose one."

kids.... they make you laugh!

Hui-Wearn said...

aiseh..... not too sure whether she can accept this or not.... she's the very stubborn type. Want this one means this one.... cannot change....

prince n princess mum said...