Monday, June 14, 2010

RMAF Museum

Hubby brought Evan to the RMAF Museum Sg Besi, KL to look at the helicopters and airplanes. Found out about this place from Buffafly whose son, Joseph visited the place not too long ago.

Entrance fee : Free of Charge. There were 2 bus loads of school kids there having a briefing.

Evan managed to look through everything for about 15 minutes before all the school kids swarmed the place

Pilot Evan

He was initially quite apprehensive when asked to go inside the helicopter and gingerly climbed the steps. He was thrilled with the experience!


Allan said...

hey, wifey and I were just talking about taking teh kids there too and weren't sure if was open to public. do you know their 'operating' hours?

Hui-Wearn said...

Open daily 10am-4pm
Closed on Fridays

Boops! said...

This family blog is so coool!!

prince n princess mum said...

Oh.. I dunno there's a museum there..