Thursday, June 3, 2010

Government Primary School Education

This is the Ministry of Education's 'Official Portal'.....
Larry went there to get a list of primary schools in Selangor/KL. 

The website was indeed very user-unfriendly..... Larry couldn't find the directory of primary schools so he called the hotline and was given some steps to find it.

So..... if you want a list or directory of primary/secondary schools in Malaysia, just follow this link :

Once there, scroll down to find this :

Just click on SR or SM of the state to download the full list of schools complete with address, postcode, telephone number, fax number, total enrolment, breakdown of enrolment according to gender & number of teaching staff. 

Different schools will have different schedules for primary 1 registration. So, just enquire at the school to see when the registration for primary 1 is open.

Looking at the list that Larry downloaded and printed out, a few schools are  nearby :
1) SK Bangsar
Co-Ed, Morning & Afternoon sessions
2025 students & 106 teachers
2) SK Bukit Pantai
Co-Ed, Morning session
886 students & 64 teachers

There are 2 others also quite nearby....
3) SK La Salle PJ
Boys school
Morning & Afternoon sessions
630 students & 39 teachers
4) SK Bukit Damansara
Co-Ed, Morning session
1110 students & 67 teachers

Chinese type primary school
5) SJK(C) Kuen Cheng (1)
Co-Ed, Morning session
1099 students & 58 teachers

I am actually very hesitant about sending Evan to any of the government primary schools or Chinese type primary schools....
- outdated textbooks
- large classes
- overworked teachers
- if Chinese school..... system too rigid/exam-oriented/stressful/rote learning/spoon-feeding

Unless we are left with no other choice, then Evan will be forced to go to one of those schools above. Other considerations would be private school, international school or homeschool/unschool. Any input or suggestions would be most welcomed!


BuffaFly said...

you have not registered him ah?

Sri Sempurna is a christian private school in Cheras, run by FGA. I was told it's pretty good and not as expensive as other private schools.

Some friends in Block 5 send their 2 boys there.

BuffaFly said...

oh but another friend living in Cheras sends her son all the way to SK Bukit Damansara. That's one of the better ones supposedly. And it would be convenient for larry to send on the way to work. Just that he would get in to work really early!

Hui-Wearn said...

nope not yet registered cos still mulling over which one.... most likely just choose one to register first then decide on the other 'expensive' alternatives (homeschool included!)

prince n princess mum said...

private school will be pricey right?

Hui-Wearn said...

yeah generally. will research more on this.

jazzmint said...

i registered faythe at chung hwa. btw, evan same class as faythe? I thought he's in lily class??

Hui-Wearn said...

yup, Evan is in the same class as Faythe! Aster Class!
anyway, i guess he must be very quiet and well-behaved for you to not notice him..... he told me 'Faythe Hon's mommy was at the visit to the bread factory'

A Mom's Diary said...

Haha HW, that's what my girl said - that Evan is a very good boy this year in 5yo class :-)