Friday, June 4, 2010

Evan's a Cowboy

Howdy, partner! It's a Wild Wild West party at Evan's kindy today!
Easy-peasy kacang putih no preparation needed & no extra money spent on his costume this time.....

I bought Evan a cowboy costume from ELC a year or two ago and it was quite big (size 3-6) then but now he fits very well into it. The costume doesn't come with a hat but I managed to buy one from Gymboree when they released their Halloween costumes in 2008. Socks also got - from Gymboree too - purchased at the same time. Unfortunately no cowboy boots. He wore the costume for play a few times but since it was too big, we just stashed it in the wardrobe. I even bought a wooden hobby horse for him from ELC when it was on 50% off! 

So this morning, he wore a Gymboree long-sleeve shirt, pants & underwear too! underneath his ELC cowboy costume. 

I drew a moustache and thickened his eyebrows with a tube of expired mascara that was lying in my drawer! I hope it doesn't smudge!

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jazzmint said...

very nice hehe...