Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dental Check Ups

It's the school hols and we decided to bring Evan for his dental check up. We went to Damansara Height Dental Center on a Thursday morning (Hubby's off day). 

Evan had clean & polished teeth in less than 5 minutes. Eighteen teeth. Zero cavities. While Evan was on the dental chair, Marissa was busy playing with the suction.

When her turn came, she enthusiastically climbed onto the chair. This was her first time at the dentist! We did prepare her beforehand by reading a book about Maisy and Charley going to the dentist.

She was quite squirmy but it was still OK for Hubby to completely polish her teeth. She loved to gargle with the water in the cup and she did it many times! All perfect teeth too!


Allan said... the first pic...evan looked so worried on the chair, clutching on to buzz lightyear to protect him...hehe..:-P

Hui-Wearn said...


he brings his buzz lightyear bag everywhere ever since i bought it!