Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love U Contest

We interrupt this blog to bring you the latest earth-shattering, ground-breaking news in the world of blogging mommies!

A tsunami of sorts had just rocked the peaceful blogosphere of Malaysian mothers. The impact of this tsunami had caused a flurry of online activities by blogging mommies. Investigators attribute the cause of this phenomenon to the launch of an online blogging contest at Little Mama's Diary. Fortunately, no casualties were reported during the rush to win the early bird prizes.

When contacted via email, Little Mama of Little Mama's Diary and Mombloggersplanet had confirmed the reports of the online contest that is continuing to generate such widespread interest. She explained that the contest aims to kickstart the launch  of her two latest stores : Little Mama's LOVE Baby Boutique and Little Kids Photography. Little did Little Mama realise that the launch of the online contest offering  photography packages, vouchers, discounts and a shot at fame for mommy bloggers had caused a euphoria which almost rivals the World Cup Football craze. This was certainly way beyond her expectations.

"At Little Mama's LOVE Baby Boutique, I offer unique girls clothes for both babies and children, arty crafty aprons, soft hankies and easy-fold travel changing mat, at affordable prices. Most items are handmade by me using high quality cotton fabrics, both imported designer and local fabrics." explained Little Mama.

PHD reporter Kaseh Sayyang was on location at Little Mama's LOVE Baby Boutique and noted that designer fabrics by Sandi Henderson in bright and summery colours are available - all ready to be custom designed according to orders. Designer fabrics by Sirpa Cowell and Eva Lundgreen are used in the design for the Little Kids Apron. Features of this 100% cotton apron include adjustable neck straps with antique metal slide, pockets on both sides and one size fits all! This hot item is currently on sale for the entire month of June.

"I bought 4 aprons for my children! I homeschool them and the aprons are just perfect for all their art & craft sessions plus baking sessions! Plus I received free tiny hankies with my order! I definitely recommend this to all mamas!" said Mdm Kittle Chan in an exclusive interview.

This is what Little Mama has to say about her other passion:
"I love capturing magic moments of young children using photojournalistic style. Magical moments are captured as and when it happens – in its natural environment. So, I will only be using available light and available props. No fixed studio setting, lighting or equipment – only me, my DSLR and the little models"

PHD reporter Kaseh Sayyang was also on location at Little Kids Photography and is pleased to report that this photography studio stands outs from all the  rest because of their innovative photography packages. One of the many photography packages that are offered is called Little Chef. This is a great package designed to capture and treasure the magical moments of a little chef, baking and decorating cookies or cupcakes. Little Kids Photography also offers a combined series of 4 photography packages designed to capture all your baby's important milestones within the very first year!

"I love her photography style! Little Mama is such a fun person to work with. We had a pre-photography session consultation to discuss clothing and props that I would be bringing on my own. She also provided extra props and light refreshments during the photography session outdoors!  I am so totally in love with all the cute photos of my darling babies!" said Mrs Annie Geddes, a very satisfied customer.

Stay tuned as we bring you more live updates on Little Mama's I Love U Contest in  awhile....


Little Mama said...

congrats' u're satu burung yg terbang awal *early birdie.. hadiah kena tunggu i made with love dulu lah...give me 2 weeks orait ;)

Hui-Wearn said...

Wowee! Thanks!
Now THAT'S a piece of good news!

Little Mama™ said...

dear hui-wearn, there is a new requirement for the contest.
appreciate if you can also put the contest banner and link on your sidebar.
thank so so much for particpating.. love u!