Monday, May 10, 2010


We went to Critterland during the Labour Day weekend break. The journey took us about half an hour as the location is at Heritage Village beside Mines Shopping Centre. 

Adults enter for free but rates for the kids are RM22 each as it was a weekend. RM15 only for weekdays. Thanks to a friend, we received 50% discount for the entry fees. Socks are compulsory for everyone.

First up - the trampolines!

Ball pit

 There's a small area meant for very young kids

This is for the older kids. It was quite difficult for me and Larry to climb all that to follow Marissa! Evan was sooo at home.

Evan was intrigued by the 'volcano' that spews out foam balls. He kept on reloaded the 'volcano' with baskets of balls so that it would erupt. Older kids can hone their shooting skills with target practice using the guns there.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Larry brought Marissa to try the slide

Evan went down the slide too

He tried swinging on a rope with help from the staff there

He tried this as well..... something like flying fox.... sliding down while holding on the hand rails.

We only spent one hour there and it was good fun! Critterland also gave us a 'loyalty card' whereby we can get a FREE visit if we go there 5 times. This was my very first time INSIDE one of those play gyms - usually I am OUTSIDE - paying for Evan to enter. Pleasant experience - don't mind going again. Oh and if you are there, do drop by the Crocs Outlet located on the ground floor of Mines Shopping Centre for off season crocs shoes sold at half price..... no need to fight/rush/push/shove/queue to go to Crocs Warehouse Sale (selected models 60% off only).


Allan said...

looks like a super playground for kids!!

hey, can I make a pingback to your blog on Critterland? Wuz about to post a (funny) photoblog of Critterland myself when I read you have covered it all really well...hehe..:-p

Hui-Wearn said...

yea...pingback allowed!

oh i forgot to mention that Party Packages are also available & there's also a small cafeteria inside.