Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Marissa's 3rd birthday will be in June and I am planning a simple birthday do for her at home. Just order a cake and have family members come over. Marissa said she wants a Cinderella birthday cake. OK..... so I bought a Precious Moments Cinderella figurine holding a birthday cake from ebay USA as the cake topper. The figurine is still in transit - hopefully will arrive here in one-piece! Paid about RM130 for it - which is much cheaper compared to buying Precious Moments figurines here in Malaysia - would cost approx RM200 plus or more. Anyway, couldn't find this particular figurine here to compare the exact price but similar ones are expensive.

I asked for quotations for a butter cake covered with fondant - similar to the cake on the figurine. 
At 19 Culinary quoted me RM180 for a 6" round cake. The Haute Food Co. quote me RM390 for an 8" round cake. Lillian Wong's price list states : RM300 for a 2kg fondant sculpted cake. Since I have a brand new kitchen and a brand new oven.... I thought I might as well bake & decorate the cake myself! And if I am good at it, I will bake Evan's 6th birthday LEGO cake too! By the way, I was quoted RM400 for a 2kg Lego brick fondant sculpted cake by Mama Min.

I tried baking my very first butter cake and it turned out well - hooray! Then I felt adventurous and experimented with cupcakes this time. Got the recipe from Phew! It turned out well too. Evan ate butter cakes and cupcakes for three days in a row for snack time at school. Marissa also loves snacking on the cupcakes.

Now I need to learn how to make fondant and decorate the cakes/cupcakes..... maybe I can join a baking/decorating class. Done some research and wow.... quite a number of places offer classes.

Oh and I need to buy a stand mixer too! Too many colors.... which one is nice?

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Argentinadog said... wonder you need to plan so many months in're baking the cake urself!! :-D

Can't wait to see the final result! :-)